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All restrictions have been lifted and anyone is welcome on the courts for singles and doubles play.

hand sanitiser stations will remain filled and while masks are optional, we would prefer if all players entering the clubhouse would wear a mask, however, will not be enforcing this as it is not a government requirment.

Please remain safe and socially distant during your time at the centre.



COVID 19 Update - Monday 2nd of November - Rules currently in place

ALL Classes have now resumed for the Adult and Junior's Programs. All Players 16 years and over MUST provide their vaccination certificate prior to play to be able to enter the group classes.

Doubles is allowed at the venue provided ALL players can produce a valid Vaccination certificate. Please report to the clubhouse and show this to the staff member on duty so we don't have to interrupt your match.


Partially Vaccinated or Unvaccinated are still eligible to play at the club but must not have more than 2 people on the court at any time.


Please maintain social distancing and good Hygeine practices whilst at the club, and remember to wear a mask if entering the clubhouse.  

COVID Lockdown history at the tennis centre during 2021

Friday September 17th.

For Fully Vaccinated Players, DOUBLES can now be played provided all players meet the following criteria.

1) All players must be fully vaccinated and report to the pro shop to register their Digital COVID Certificate. Without all players registering - you may NOT go on court for Doubles.

2) All players MUST reside within the Northern Beaches LGA or within 5km of the venue.  

3) Be reminded we are still under a stay at home order and you must not linger before or after your timeslot - eg, play and go.

4) We have the right to refuse service if Digital COVID Vaccination Certificate is not sighted or registered with the pro shop and will NOT tolerate aggressive behaviour towards the staff at this time, we are doing the best we can to follow all rules of the Public Health Order.

5) Forestville Tennis Centre and Forestville Park Tennis Club will not be liable if you breach these rules and are fined by law enforcement. Please Follow these rules so we can continue to play our sport during this lockdown.

We are taking a register of Covid 19 Vaccination Certificates in the attempt to only have to show us this information once - if we ask a couple times bear with us till we can familiarise ourselves with everyone on this list. If you do not wish to provide these details, please show us your certificate on arrival each time you come to the club.

It will be inconvenient for a while, however, think of it in this manner, when you first went to the pub at 18 you had to provide your ID before entry was allowed - if you wish to play doubles then your entry to the courts will be allowed through your Covid 19 Vaccination Certificate.


For those unvaccinated  or partially vaccinated you are still welcome to play on the courts, however the 2 person exercise rule still applies and you may only play singles with one other person unless all players are members of the same household (live at the same address) 






Previous COVID 19 - updates - no longer relevant


Under the revised NSW Public Health Order,

  • Exercise may now only be done in groups of two (unless those playing are all from the same household)

  • You must be reside within 5 kilometres of the centre or be within the Northern Beaches LGA

What can be done during the lockdown

COURT HIRE - The Centre will still be open for court hire during lockdown, however ONLY SINGLES can be played unless all players are from the same household. ONLINE BOOKINGS ONLY!

PRIVATE LESSONS are available during the restrictions and we will be recommencing lessons on Monday after this weeks temporary suspension - Please call 9975 5189 to secure your booking. There are new rules in regards to Private Lessons as part of our Updated COVIDSAFE plan. Please see link - 

What can NOT be done during the Lockdown


All Group lessons will be postponed until the restrictions lift - Anyone who has paid Term 3 in advance will have a credit placed on their accounts for future programs.

All clients will be notified of changes as soon as we receive further information from Tennis NSW, the office of sport and council.








Tuesday 29th of June, 2021 - 9:00am

Following advice from Tennis NSW and The Office of Sport, ALL Tennis Camps have been cancelled across Sydney for the duration of the Lockdown.

What is allowed to go ahead during this time are;

* Court Hire

* Private and Semi-Private Lessons

* Groups Classes of up to 10 people (including coach)

We will be releasing a schedule of available class times shortly. These classes will be 2 hours in duration and will have a maximum of 8 players per group.

We hope you all stay safe during this lockdown and look forward to seeing you  soon.

All the best,

Tim & Team at Forestville Tennis.


SUNDAY 27TH OF JUNE, 2021 - 1:15pm 


Please follow all COVID Hygiene and Social Distancing Rules. Players MUST sign in on arrival at the front gate and must leave immediately after session completes. We are imposing a no more than 4 player per court ruling.


Due to the uncertainty on current restrictions we have made the decision to err on the side of caution and cancel week 1 of camp (28/6 to 2/7).


We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience and apologise for the late notice, we have been awaiting the full decision from Tennis NSW and the Office of Sport as Tennis Camps are classified as a business and not as a care program. As a result we are subject to all rules of the enforced lockdown.


While we have measures in place, we do not feel that we can completely and saftely isolate players into small groups plus coach without any crossover, particularly if wet weather occurs, as no indoor program can be run.


If you have already paid we will provide you with credits for future programs, if you have not paid we will neutralise your invoice.


The cente will be open for COURT HIRE under the exercise rule, if you would like to book a court visit the 'book a court' section of the website.


A decision on Week 2 of Camp will be made in the coming days.

We apologise again for the inconvenience and hope you manage to stay safe during this lockdown. 

All the best,

Tim & Team at Forestville Tennis. 

A decision on Week 2 of Camp will be made in the coming days.

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